Bridgwater Carnival Black Sunday Photos

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I got caught up in the Black Sunday celebrations that are held every year on the Sunday following Bridgwater Carnival. I had originally planned to try out a new lens, ready for an upcoming Norway trip, but with the weekend travel problems in Somerset, I decided it wasn’t worth trying to drive anywhere, so I wandered down to Bridgwater Quay, before walking along the river to the centre.

As I was walking up through St Mary Street, I was approached by a large boisterous group, it was Black Sunday after all, so I couldn’t really expect anything else. Anyway, after a quick chat and change of lens, I took a couple of photographs. I promised to send the images to one of the group, but unfortunately, the e-mail address I wrote down, doesn’t seem to work. If anyone from Wick or Pentathlon Carnival Clubs remembers having their photo taken, then please contact me and I will forward on the promised photos.

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  3. Hi, i’m a member of wick carnival club, and i was present for this photo. It would be great if you could email a copy of these photos on to me as i’m sure they would all love to see them.

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